A Variety of Specialized Parts and Services

At our Vertical Seal plant, located in Pleasantville, Pennsylvania, USA, we provide a variety of custom-designed parts and specialty services.

Our new and reconditioned customized parts include bearing bushings and sleeves for the steel and power industries, and spare parts for mills, such as inboard/outboard retainer rings, inboard/outboard ring spacers, throw rings and gib blocks.

Working to tight specifications and with exacting precision, our tapered neck roll sleeves are finished to a rotational accuracy of 0.0002 mm.

Specialty services are personalized to meet the unique applications and qualifications of every customer. These services include chock inspection repair, on-site inspection, and installations. Other services provided by Vertical Seal are finished trunnion support bearings which are babbitted, machined, and ready for use at power plants, inboard and outboard retainer rings, and the manufacture of gib blocks. We also carry out the high-tech coating of various parts.

Vertical Seal has a long history of dedication and service to customers located throughout North America and Mexico. Our strong reputation in the industries that we serve continues to make Vertical Seal a name recognized for providing reliable, quality products and services to our customers.